Barb Bengtson, PhDBarbara Bengtson, Ph.D.

Barb has dedicated her career to connecting people to their talents and developing strategies for success.

Your success, relationships, and happiness are influenced by your talents and preferences. Perception Coaching focuses on awareness and alignment strategies to help you productively apply your talents, to develop your strengths, and reach your goals.

As a licensed teacher, Barb’s study of educational psychology was prompted by talented learners whose needs were not being met with traditional instructional strategies. Unidentified, misunderstood, and latent talents and passions create complex needs within and among learners; this diversity requires personalized solutions. Researching cognitive development, engagement, creative problem solving, attention, and motivation, Dr. Bengtson developed a deep understanding of learning, perception, and achievement. Work with students and in professional development continues to show individualized learning to be considerably more powerful than one-size-fits-all methods, regardless of learner age or role.

Barb’s professional evolution from classroom teacher to professional development coach, then personal and career coach has earned her several credentials including her PhD in educational psychology (U of MN) and certifications to meet your diverse needs including:

  • Talent Development and Gifted Education (U of MN)
  • Life and Executive Coach (Board Certified)
  • Strengths Coach (Gallup Certified)
  • Emotional Intelligence (MHS EQi 2.0, 360 Certified)

Find your energy for work and happiness with expert support from Dr. Bengtson.

Your talents include abilities in strategic thinking, relationship building, and making plans a reality, likely in varying intensity. Regardless of your level of success, your greatest talents are often untapped, or even seen as weaknesses. Working with kindergarten to graduate-level colleges learners, as well as individuals considering their next life-changing project, Barb collaborates with diverse individuals with diverse talents. Supporting personal, academic, and professional growth, based on your goals and preferences, is the mission of Dr. Barbara Bengtson and Perception Coaching LLC.

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