Seminars & Events

Startup Strategies and Builder Network

Do you have an idea that can change the world or do you work to lift others to success? Your participation will make this event productive for you and others! Starting a new organization or business is a great opportunity with many hidden challenges. Join us and explore strategies for startup success and add energy to your approach by discussing thoughts with other entrepreneurial spirits! Each event will have a 10-20 minute activity; with time before and after the activity for processing and networking. Our first evening includes identifying your builder roles and talents. Next is  recognizing opportunities. Then, focus on planning and action. Finally, the last three sessions are about working with others: right person & right role, team dynamics, and collaborative planning for network success!

2020 Dates: 

Thursday at 6:00pm: July 23, August 20, September 17, October 22, November 12, December 10


Collaboration and Development Center. 929 E 9th St, Duluth, MN 55805