If you collect self-improvement books, enjoy unraveling problems, or searching for new perspectives, then workshops may be the best value for your development! Perception Coaching workshops provide opportunities to identify your preferences, explore resources, change perceptions and define your success!

For groups of 4-16 people, Perception Coaching LLC will personalize our workshops to meet your unique needs.  Contact us to learn more or schedule an intro session now!

Core & Key   4 Session Workshop                                                                   $150

Do you know what drives your success? Do you make plans to develop new habits or become stronger, only to struggle making them happen? Aligning your talents and values to determine and realize your short and long-term goals is the focus of this workshop. You will start with activities to explore your core talents, values, and beliefs. With your preferences in mind, you will schedule tasks, create rituals, and progress toward your goals. This package includes a CliftonStrengths Assessment (Full 34). Create a mutual support system; invite a friend or attend with a business partner (special price: $250 for 2 participants).

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Your Best Learning   3 Session Workshop                                  $150

Do you know what you need to do and can’t always get it done? Do you have trouble paying attention to the right things? Learners of all ages (elementary to grad school, and beyond), benefit from exploring the unique ways they take in and remember information. We will start with activities to explore learning preferences and motivation. With your preferences in mind, we will create strategies to grow toward your learning or production goals. This package includes three sessions. A mentor or partner is encouraged to attend with learners of all ages, and required for learners under 10 years of age.

Schedule TBD

Communicating Respect   3 Session Workshop             $150

Effective communication provides strategies to handle conflict, share perspectives, and support yourself and others. Improve the way you understand and communicate with others using intentional listening and questioning strategies which demonstrate respect.

Do you feel heard when you contribute to a discussion or ask for help? How do you respond to the ideas of others? With whom do you communicate best? We will address these questions and others!

Schedule TBD

Perceptive Strengths  Series                                      $15 each

Productively applying your strengths is your best way through challenging times, and your best way to connect, stretch, and succeed. This series of workshops will focus on reflecting on your strengths and how to best apply them to different strategies. You can attend a specific workshop to focus on an immediate need or attend multiple and build a personalized portfolio of strategies for reference as you set goals, respond to events, and support others.

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Prosocial Strategies Series                                          $40 each

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