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If you collect self-improvement books, enjoy unraveling problems, or searching for new perspectives, then workshops may be the best value for your development! Perception Coaching workshops provide opportunities to identify your preferences, explore resources, change perceptions and define your success!

For groups of 4-16 people, Perception Coaching LLC will personalize our workshops to meet your unique needs.  Contact us to learn more or schedule an intro session now!

Perceptive Strengths Series                                      $20 each

Productively applying your strengths is your best way through challenging times, and your best way to connect, stretch, and succeed. This series of workshops will focus on reflecting on your strengths and how to best apply them to different strategies. You can attend a specific workshop to focus on an immediate need or attend multiple and build a personalized portfolio of strategies for reference as you set goals, respond to events, and support others.

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Prosocial Strategies Series                                          $40 each

Prosocial behaviors are the best way to show others respect and care. Building relationships, trust, and community all come down to thinking of others. Workshops are offered every other Monday 1:00-2:30pm to start your week with productive thinking!

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Lunch and Leverage                                           $350/month

Make space to leverage your talents three Thursdays each month from 11-12:30, lunch included! These repeatable programs include an assessment with topic-relevant personalized reports and one individual coaching session to support implementation.

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