Consulting and Coaching

Barb Bengtson, PhD Barbara Bengtson, Ph.D.

Coaching and consulting are her passion. Barb connects people to their talents and their best strategies, so they find more success.

Barb’s learning, started as a classroom teacher and continues as a consulting psychologist, includes a masters in teaching and learning, a PhD in educational psychology (U of MN), and many courses to meet diverse needs:


We start by exploring your talents. Focusing on these leads to success, good relationships, and happiness.

We discover your values and what gives you energy, and help you find your right track. Additionally, these factors can provide clear goals.

Perception Coaching works with you, so your strategies are based on your talents. As a result, your new skills are aimed at your goals in a way that works for you.

Your success is achieved because of your efforts, and the focus and personal support Barb provides.


For over 20 years Dr. Bengtson has researched perception, cognition, problem solving, and engagement. With this, she creates unique programs for business and organizations. Tailored actions result in more powerful results than the one-size-fits-all methods of larger consulting firms.

Find your staff’s energy for work and life with consulting support from Dr. Bengtson. Whether you have a mission or are in search of one, she will help you find success.

Your growth and success based on goals and talents, is the mission of Dr. Barbara Bengtson and Perception Coaching LLC.

Barb excels using strengths to grow skills such as emotional intelligence, decision making, and leadership. Supporting your teams, high potential staff, and leadership will make a lasting impact on your organization. 

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