Business and Organizations

Dr. Bengtson’s  greatest contribution as an organizational development partner is systems thinking in the areas of well-being, productivity, and innovation. Barb collaborates with stakeholders to discover potential and challenges, then the Perception Coaching team customizes resources to address needs and optimize performance within the organization. Further, we monitor and support initiatives, so you and your people can focus on work.

We ask: How are customers, associates, and leaders engaged in the organization? Are team meetings maximizing staff time together? How have you intentionally nurtured your business’ culture? What systems or processes do you have to increase inclusion and engagement? How do you prepare and support future and current leaders’ performance and development? Is your environment supportive of innovation?

Do you want to take your organization to the next level? Focused support and strategic work multiply your staff’s efforts to improve communication, engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.

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On-Site Development Package

Schedule a day of face-to-face coaching sessions for teams and individuals in your organization. See how Perception Coaching LLC can support your staff’s efforts to collaborate and self-manage, and increase engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. You will get customized support and strategies to increase teams’ and individuals’ ability to understand perceptions, improve performance, create productive habits, communicate, develop talents, and realize goals. Full or half days available.

Targeted Support and Development for Leaders, Managers, and Teams

Provide effective direction and strategies to enable leaders to be effective. A leader who is proactive, responds well to stress and de-escalates situations can change culture, develop talents, and realize goals.  Learning packages may include on-boarding activity, on-site, virtual, or off-site coaching, 360 feedback, and action planning for up to 16 people.

Target topics may include:

  • Perception and preferences
  • Program assessment and evaluation
  • Systems of support and professional learning
  • Coaching support 
  • Innovation and research systems
  • Communication and transparency

Individual and Team Coaching

Direct support changes culture. One month of custom coaching for a staff member or team. Focus suggestions:

  • support high potential individual for new or changing responsibilities
  • support individual faced with a professional improvement plan
  • increase engagement for a struggling team
  • facilitate teams setting collaborative goals