Leadership encompasses skills that are useful for career and personal endeavors.

WorkShopBrief Description
Emotionally Effective LeadersBecoming an emotionally effective leader opens you to seeing yourself and others with fresh perspective and renewed optimism.
Appreciation CultureAppreciation Culture encourages leaders and teams to see how differences provide unique perspectives which support innovation and solutions.
Each of these workshops may be scheduled as a full day or contact us to create a series to best fit your team’s needs.
Focus on your talents and emotional intelligence to positively impact culture.
Develop essential soft skills using the EQ-i measure of emotional intelligence.
Spark-ShopBrief Description
Creating a New TeamWhether it is a new team or new to you, teams go through 4 phases, moving from forming to being productive. Identify where they are and move them to high functioning.
Crisis ManagementWhen an event or situation is dire, effective leadership helps everyone through it. Explore four steps to approach a crisis and move forward.
Follower NeedsYou lead best when you understand those you lead. Focus on the four needs of followers; these strategies also improve collaboration.
Managing OthersSuccessful promotion from doing to helping others do requires more than modeling your expert strategies. Explore four aspects, from selection to development, to be effective.
Navigating ChaosChaos has four different factors; understand how you approach each to support effective navigation.
Situational LeadershipExplore four ways to lead, your preferences, and indicators of which form is appropriate to different situations. These perspectives support your leadership decisions.
Creating a New Team
Crisis Management
Follower Needs
Managing Others
Navigating Chaos
Situational Leadership