Life Strategies Development

Navigating responsibilities, relationships, work, and fun can be overwhelming at times. Learning new strategies and ways to look at what you do and how you do it keeps you going, growing, and making the most of your best opportunities.

SparkShopBrief Description
Create ConfidenceYou have talents which deserve recognition and can be used to achieve; see your gifts and needs realistically.
Decision MakingUnderstand options, select the best decision and commit to it using your talents.
Finding PurposeExplore your interests, values and beliefs to discover a life that gives you energy and joy.
Get Things DoneFrom motivation to quality results, get big and little things done right strategically using a four step process.
GoalsLook at what you do well, what you want, and how you prefer to make progress.
Managing ChangeLife is full of change. Managing change starts with planning and goes to seeing beyond the change.
Navigating ChaosChaos has four different factors; understand how you approach each to support effective navigation.
ProductivityBecome more productive in four ways. Strategically determine your what and how.
Rhythm of MotivationResponsibilities require varying levels of energy; match them with differing windows of attention.
Create Confidence
Decision Making
Finding Purpose
Get Things Done
Managing Change
Navigating Chaos
Rhythm of Motivation