The Essential Perception Coaching® Book is Available Now!

Dr. Bengtson created Perception Coaching® to develop and support engagement and performance in the workplace. Increasing access to Perception Coaching® for more practitioners was the catalyst for authoring the textbook Coaching for Well-being, Productivity, and Innovation Using Perception Coaching with Individuals, Teams, and Organizations.

Perception Coaching® is personalized performance development. This approach leverages preferences, cognitive processes, and purpose to enable clients to sense more opportunities. Our new book outlines both the practice of coaching as well as three areas especially beneficial to explore: well-being, productivity, and innovation. The book includes strategies, discussions, and tools to enhance your coaching practice.

book cover with a brain scan Title: Coaching for Well-being, Productivity, and Innovation

Create a system to develop and sustain an organization’s growth. Perception Coaching® is especially effective when applied throughout organizations with a combination of executive coaching and an internal coaching program. These two levels are sufficient to meet the needs of all employees; executives benefit from discrete, outside coaching, whereas most staff appreciate immediate support from internal coaches who understand the organization and industry.

Managers are often tasked with development, evaluation, and direction of their direct reports; having responsibility for both development and evaluation can cause tension in both the manager’s and staff’s perceptions of competence. Internal coaches are peers or mentors who support development, as well as provide perspective for in-the-moment problem solving or decision making. Because they are not involved in evaluation and other employment decisions, staff are more comfortable asking them for support. Perception Coaching® trained peer and mentor coaches are able to build productive working relationships with those they support, encouraging a more resilient, engaged workforce.

When Perception Coaching® anchors development, everyone is connected to the organization, its mission, and its success. Retention increases when employees are empowered to increase competence, focus on purpose, and impact the success of their Perceptive Organization.

Learn more about becoming Perception Coaching® grounded in the textbook Coaching for Well-being, Productivity, and Innovation Using Perception Coaching with Individuals, Teams, and Organizations, or contact us for more information!