Learning and revisiting ideas often provides a solution to an old problem, reminds you of existing strategies or skills you can adapt, and sparks creative thinking. SparkShops are short explorations (30 minutes) into key areas of personal and professional life. All levels of expertise benefit; SparkShops provide opportunities to see things in a new way, starting with you and your strengths.

CategoryAvailable Sparkshops
LeadershipFollower Needs, Situational Leadership, Managing Others, Creating a New Team, Crisis Management
Life Strategies DevelopmentGoals, Productivity, Decision Making, Rhythm of Motivation, Navigating Chaos, Finding Purpose, Create Confidence, Managing Change, Get Things Done
Prosocial IntentCollaboration, Advocacy, Prosocial Assumptions, Prosocial Responses
Project ManagementAgile Projects, Performance SeQuEnCe, Project Stages
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Life Strategies
Prosocial Intent
Project Management